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Tarantulas to Pet and Crickets to Taste: It’s Bug Day at the Hall of Science

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The cynical among us might say that every date in June, July and August is Bug Day. Not to mention Bug Night: Who hasn’t struggled to fall asleep while hearing the high-pitched buzz of a hungry mosquito?

But while insects can cause damage and disease, the New York Hall of Science’s annual Bug Day mostly highlights their contributions; mosquitoes won’t crash this party on Sunday. And it is in many ways a party, with children’s crafts, intriguing flavours and even more unusual hors d’oeuvres.

“We’re doing a bug tasting,” said Liz Slagus, this Queens museum’s director of public programs. The menu will include crickets, which she reports taste somewhat fishy, like their crustacean cousins. Less adventurous palates can try protein bars made from cricket flour, with flavours like apple cinnamon and peanut butter and jelly.

“I have to say they’re pretty tasty,” Ms. Slagus said. Not that children need encouragement. Every year those who may have recoiled at broccoli happily down cricket products.

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