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What Is Cockroach Milk? Why It Could Be A Nutritional Gamechanger

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Deciding what protein shake to grab before a workout can be stressful; the market is flooded with brands claiming to deliver the most nourishment to replenish your tired body. Now scientists in India may have unlocked a secret nutritional goldmine and it hinges on the rather off-putting question: “What is cockroach milk?”

The pesky bug we usually think of as the scourge of our bathroom or kitchen floor may actually be a source of a protein more powerful and economical than whey, soy, or nuts combined. We’ve been hearing for a while that eating insects is the future of food, but this is slightly different. A species of Pacific beetle cockroach called the Diploptera Punctata has a unique ability that could make it of great value. The bug, which is native to the tropical Polynesian island forests, is the only known viviparous cockroach. Instead of laying eggs, it gives birth to live young. They also provide their offspring with a liquid full of proteins, fats, and sugars — yup, like humans (I’mma let that sink in real quick).

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