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Why I eat insects and why you should and WILL too.

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I want to start by asking you this, would any of you eat this? Let me reword this, does it look edible? EDIT NOTE: Okay…please hop on over to this post: It’s the same exact post but the picture links work on that one. Picture makes everything more fun! Thanks! (I don’t know why I can’t link any pictures on this post anymore, even when I go to “edit.”)

(Photo Credit: EntoBox)YES it does (to me)! Well, this just happens to be made from INSECTS. I believe they are honey caterpillar croquettes, to be exact.There is this growing organization in the UK that proposed that 50 years from now, this will be a part of our daily meal. This is our future right here! And it will probably come true because the organization has already made plans to start selling. SO! To help you prepare, I will give you some reasons to start considering insects for your meals:

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