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It’s As Healthy To Eat Bugs As It Is To Eat Steak, Study Says

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Think nothing can take the place of a juicy, perfectly cooked burger? Try a plate of fried grasshoppers.

Okay, so they won’t exactly taste the same — and it may be tough to even stomach the thought of munching on bugs. But experts say that nutritionally speaking, they’re a good substitute for beef, and may be a valuable food source of the future.

The idea of eating insects isn’t new. They’ve long been included in traditional diets of cultures around the world, and a 2013 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations noted that more than 1,900 insect species have been documented as food sources globally.

Americans aren’t so keen on consuming the critters, but bugs have crept into some Western food products in recent years. Cricket flour, for example, has become a popular ingredient in the high-protein, low-carb Paleo diet. (One tester’s verdict on crickets in chocolate chip cookies? Tastes like walnuts!)

Read Amanda MacMillan‘s Huffington Post article here

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Why This Company Decided Not to Hide its Biggest ‘Weakness’

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Most protein bars have an image on their wrapper. Gatorade, PowerBar and Nature Valley show the food itself, often coated in chocolate. Clif Bar shows a rock climber. But Exo’s packaging is minimalist, with no image. That’s because its founders feared drawing too much attention to its special ingredient: crickets.

It’s not as if Exo hides anything — “cricket powder” is on the package, though in a smaller font than “protein bar.” But when it launched last year as part of a boomlet of cricket-selling startups, nobody knew what Americans would swallow. So Exo was understated. Then paleo diet and CrossFit enthusiasts embraced crickets, Exo netted $4 million in Series A financing and Exo became a leader in this burgeoning industry.

Read the rest of Jason Plautz article in the entrepreneur magazine

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The worm has turned: how British insect farms could spawn a food revolution

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An exciting article in the Guardian on the increase in bug production in the UK.

It talks about the UK’s 1st cricket farm in Cumbria, a partnership by the eatgub guys and Howard Bell.

The article mentions Edible bug farm who farm mealworms. The Brighton Bug Boys who are working on modular, phone box-sized insect farms that can be connected together to make larger facilities. Jiminy’s Cricket Farm in Northampton who is also looking to produce cricket flour.

I hope they get the all clear for their cricket farm as it could lead to lower cricket flour prices which is good for everyone.

Read the full article here

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Cricket Flour Brownie mix funded

Congratulations to all of the guys at Cricket Flours who managed to successfully raise over $25k and get their Brownie mix funded.

Brownie mix

“Thank you so much to everyone that has pledged and backed this project to make it a reality, and thank you for sharing the link and telling your friends/family.  It truly means the world to our team!

We have started to get in a few questions from our backers asking about adding on the tshirt/hoodie orders and what sizes they want, so we just wanted to send out an update to let you know that we will be following up with an email asking for sizes and to confirm your shipping addresses as well at the end of the week once we finish our project in JUST 12 HOURS!  We can’t say thank you enough for making this happen.

As we enter the final stretch, we just wanted to let you know that this is your final chance to check out our new rewards and add to your pledge to get our Kickstarter exclusive apparel for the new tshirt and hoodie.  We have rewards you can directly back, or you can go in to manage your pledge to add an additional amount to get your original order with the new apparel!  We also just unlocked our 1st stretch goal for if we hit $30,000 so make sure to share our project one last time, and let people know which reward you chose so they can try it for themselves too!  The new flavor will be a Chocolate Cayenne Cricket Brownie Mix.  If we hit our stretch goal, then we will let you choose which flavor you would like before we ship, and you will be able to mix and match as well!”

Well done guys another its good to get another cricket product out there.

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Pestaurant at Northeast PA Home Showcase

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Are you going to the Northeast PA Home Showcase at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Convention Center, Route 315, Plains Township between March 4th and the 6th???

if you are you have the chance to sample more than just home improvement advice by visiting the “Pestraurant” stand and perhaps taste some of the items that they have including crickets, mealy worms along with lollipops with ants inside them.

The Pestaurant will also be running a charity cricket eating contest where people can see how many crickets they can eat in an bid to raise local awareness of hunger issues.

“In the contest we’ll have regular, unflavoured crickets,” Wes Rost a representative of Ehrlich, “your local pest control expert,” which is a major sponsor of the Home Showcase said. “For people who are not quite that adventuresome, we’ll have some flavoured ones.”

Tickets for the event are $5.00