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Eat Insects save the world

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An article on the Natural History Museum’s website with Dr Duncan Sivell,Curator of Diptera, who for one of the museum’s late-night openings, created a wine tasting with edible insects.

During the event guests will experience a selection of insects including giant ants, grasshoppers and mealworms which were matched with a wine which has been chosen to complement the insects taste.

The article can be read on the museum’s website here


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Surprising diet myths and predictions of an insect-filled future

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By Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun February 12, 2016

An article on 100 Million Years of Food the new book from Stephen Le a Biological anthropologist from the Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa, Canada. The book discusses the evolution of the human diet and some of the topics covered are:

  • Is a Paleo/ low diet healthy
  • Why is it difficult to loose weight
  • Can eating vegetables improve your health

Going through the history of the human diet from our hunter gather days, the first days or agriculture to the ongoing mixed messages on fat and cholesterol.

Le also discusses how insects will become more accepted as a food source in the future, something that he researched in various parts of the globe, where he discovered that the western diet has started to turn people off their insect eating traditions.

You can read the article here and more on Stephen at his website here