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5 Compelling Reasons You Should Eat More Insects (Especially Crickets)

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The very thought of eating insects grosses people out. The image of a creepy, crawly, bug working its way down your windpipe doesn’t exactly conjure up feelings of the contentment we feel with other foods.

But why not? How is it that a cow, pig, chicken, or fish seem more appetizing than other creatures? In other cultures who don’t have the “luxury” of consuming conventional sources of protein regularly, insects are a perfectly legitimate choice. In fact, 2 billion people worldwide eat insects regularly as a food source, and North America is JUST starting to catch on.

If you’re not sure yet, consider these 5 compelling reasons you should consider eating more insects.

  • Packed with nutrition
  • Great survival food
  • More sustainable and better for the planet
  • Form of pest control
  • Food security for impoverished countries

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